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Our greatest asset is the provision of services in the area of industrial logistics. The extensive knowledge of our employees is the reason for our success, by solving issues effectively and within deadlines.

Depending on the diagnosis of our customers needs, Logiplan provides solutions with several outcomes based on preliminary projects of logistics engineering.

The provision of services in executing/monitoring projects with industrial plant for factories or warehouses is one of the main activities of our company.

Logiplan has a dynamic and skilled technical team that ensures the timely execution and implementation of projects to our clients, with the technical specifications set out by them.

We offer “turnkey” projects, wich include managing and coordinating all activities until they are finished.

We assist our clients in selecting the right solutions for the scenarios we provide, according to the foreseen investment costs and budget expectations of the company.

Examples of turkey projects include works of civil construction/facades and covering the new warehouse with self supporting racks is Somincor – Minas Neves Corvo, Castro Verde.

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