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Security protections – Flexible against the clash of stackers

These are used to prevent the frequent damages on the racks and structural pillars caused by the clashes of the stacker, which have a high cost of repair and maintenance!

Get to know a new type of protection for racks against the clash of stackers in the warehouse:

» Made of flexible polyethylene with great resistance to cracking;

» With great damping capacity against clashes to prevent damage to structures;

» Adaptable to any kind of model/brand of racks;

» Assembly in seconds (without screws nor bolts);

» Heigh of 460mm (or double 920mm);» Yellow color for signaling RAL 1018;

» Fire resistance 455KN/M2 to 49ºC;

» Possible additional option in coling chambers (-24ºC).Profiles of edge protections and corners in polyurethane foam of various shapes, suitable for any purpose.

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