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Self-Supporting Warehouses are shelves sized to receive the overhead of the roof and facade of the building.
This type of shelving can be conventional for pallets, drive-in type, shelves or others. They have facades made of sheet metal, profiled, lacquered and galvanized, with or without insulation. They can incorporate artificial or natural lighting system, detection and extinguishing systems, ventilation / air conditioning, dynamic systems of pallet handling. The pallet operating system can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automated.

This type of storage solution is widely used, when the customer knows beforehand, that this building will be used in the medium to long term, solely with the warehouse function. In this case, this solution is very competitive in terms of reducing construction costs and faster execution times. These warehouses can reach a maximum height of 25 meters for the case of automatic solutions in warehousing arrangement.
Essentially the storage of finished product and productive units are destined to be adaptable to several types of pallet handling machines.

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