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Usually, warehouses have high ceilings and their height is not properly used. Sometimes there is a need of implementing a steel platform that can create 1, 2 or 3 intermediate floors. The supporting steel structures of intermediate floors are always built according to the space made available by the client, so it is planned as a specific and unique project for each client by taking his needs into consideration and the overload required.

The supporting base for the steel structures can be built with steel columns or racks of any storage system chosen for that effect. The floor with steel sheet is chosen according to its purpose, the type of moving mechanisms (shelving system, transport vehicles, etc.) and the loading capacity desired.

Logiplan has a wide range of wood-based products, that may include some characteristics such as fire resistance (fireproof) or water-resistance. The steel can be drilled into, so that natural light comes through, or to incorporate fire extinction or acclimatization systems. It can also be non-drilled, with slip-proof, etc.

These types of flooring for the base can also be coated with floating floors or linoleum, should there be a need for something other than storage like offices, meeting rooms, etc. We also offer different accessories such as handrails, doors for the entry and exit of merchandise, skirting, several types of staircases, gaskets, partition walls and doors, signaling, lighting, acclimatization, fire detector and extinction systems, among others.

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